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Number: 4
Colour: Red Away
Sleeve: Short Sleeved
Season Start Year: 1976
Season End Year: 1979
Trademark: Amiral
Others: Ultra Rare Third Kit

This is ultra rare. It is third shirt from the seventies, and the only one I have ever come across. It would have been worn during the three years by Steve Kember, Eddie Kelly, Mark Goodwin, Mick Duffy, Larry May, John ONeill and Tommy Williams.
The shirt is rare as at the end of each season, these shirts were then gathered together and used for training shirts for the next season. This one would have survived as generally it was the blue shirts that were used for training, the red ones being discarded. This shirt came from a player who played for Leicester City a few years later. He was part of the youth set up for many years before making it into the first team. He managed to pick up this shirt as a young player in his teens before he made it into the professional fold.
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