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Colour: White Keeper
Sleeve: Long Sleeved
Season End Year: 1975
Badge1: PS
Trademark: Admiral
Others: Ultra Rare Shilton Admiral Shirt

Amazing find this was. Shilton was the first player to have personalised kit, this having a PS Admiral logo on the chest. Peter had four full white kits, which was his trademark for a while. He also had some red and green shirts, again with the personalised logo. There were only four shirts made for Peter, this being one of them. He gave this one to a scout friend of his, and remained with this guy for around forty years. This shirt has clearly been worn on several occasions. It is still white, but many mud marks remain on the shoulders and elbows.
The chap who I got this from was a really nice chap to meet. A scout at LCFC for many years and involved extensively with local football. Along with the shirt I got many stories of old players so I had quite an entertaining hour or so. Very grateful to the chap for allowing me to have this in my collection.
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